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Millennium Tower World Business Center - Busan

Country South Korea Millennium Tower World Business Center
Floors 106
Height(m) 560
Height(ft) 1837
Builder Arup
Architect Asymptote
Developer Arup
Date Built
Link Building Link
Concept No
Complete No

The Millennium Tower World Business Center is an approved supertall skyscraper which The Solomon Group, a private Korean developer, intends to move forward with Asymptoteís design for a 560m tall tower, which upon completion will be the tallest building in Asia.
Asymptoteís three-towered design for the World Business Center Busan is a newly minted approach where the notion of singularity and autonomy gives way to a strong juxtaposition of form and voids. Simultaneously a single entity, the towers are also read as three distinct forms set against Busanís dramatic natural backdrop of sea and mountains. The base of the tower artfully negotiates the site at the entrance level while from the top of the midsection the three slender towers rise above the skylobby level and gracefully taper upwards around a spectacular central void. Through its formal and sculptural qualities this unique architectural expression is a powerful symbol of 21st century Busan and a beacon for itís trajectory into the future and onto the global stage.