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Two International Finance Center - Hong Kong

Country China Two International Finance Center
Floors 88
Height(m) 412
Height(ft) 1352
Architect CÚsar Pelli
Date Built 2003
Link Building Link
Concept No
Complete Yes

Designers and Builders :

Vital Statistics :

This is a prominent landmark on Hong Kong Island and it consists of two skyscrapers,

One International Finance Centre is 210 m tall, has 38 storeys and four trading floors, 18 high speed passenger lifts in 4 zones, and comprises 784,000 square feet (72,850 m▓). The building currently accommodates approximately 5,000 people.

Two International Finance Centre is 415m tall, has 88 storeys and designed to accomodate financial firms equipped with advanced telecommunications and nearly column free floor plans. The building expects to accomodate up to 15,000 people.

Through its location, array of big-name retailers, and transport connections, it also aims to attract visitors to the ifc mall, which features a number of top fashion, health & skin care, jewellery and accessory shops, restaurants, and a cinema.